Rediscovering our Wisdom and compassion

The ancient kingdom of Shambhala was notable for the compassion and knowledge of its leaders and voters. consistent with the legend of Shambhala, these qualities were the results of distinctive teachings on enlightened society that Gautama Siddhartha gave in person to King Dawa Sangpo, the primary sovereign of Shambhala.

These directions are preserved over the centuries and square measure control by a hereditary lineage of lecturers that hold the title “Sakyong.” it’s a royal title meaning “Earth preserver.”

The current lineage holder is Sakyong, Jampal Trinley Dradül. Enthroned as Sakyong in 1995, he went through in depth coaching in each the East and West and holds a singular perspective on the universal values of the human spirit.

Sakyong Mipham is recognized within the Tibetan tradition because the incarnation of Mipham the good, one amongst the foremost revered meditation masters of Sitsang. His books embrace Turning the Mind into associate degree Ally, Ruling Your World and Running with the Mind of Meditation.

The Sakyong’s teachings stress the wide control feeling that humanity is at a crossroads. He urges U.S. to endure a world self-reflection regarding our core principles, basic cognitive process that however humanity feels regarding itself is crucial for our future, which of our planet. This vision of a society trusting and basic cognitive process in its inherent good is that the basis of what the Shambhala lineage calls enlightened society.


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